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Micro pressure sensor test houses tightness

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Housing leak testing is through the artificial boost to housing for pressurizing the way, and indoor and outdoor pressure measurements compared in order to make judgment and analysis on housing airtightness. Housing leak detection is of great significance in building the quality of identification, environmental protection and fire protection. Because during leak testing, the general will not be much pressure. Thus, in general use with micro pressure sensor digital pressure gauge for measuring a pressure outside the house, easy and intuitive.

Housing air tightness test was originally used in fire safety. In terms of gas fire, with some of the density greater than air gas fire and air cut off, in order to achieve the purpose of fire fighting. But gas leaks easier, therefore, airtight houses will directly affect extinguishing gas residence time, the final decision extinguishing effect. During tightness test, through artificial boost to the housing such that a pressure difference between the air inside and outside the room.

Currently, leak detection is used more housing construction in the area of energy conservation. Housing tightness will directly affect the cold or hot, indoor gas leakage to the outside environment in speed. Housing airtight the better, the slower the rate of leakage. Thus, at the same time waste less heating or air conditioning, energy-saving effect of housing is better. Vice versa.


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