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Things Smart City Power Sensor Market

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  Chinese sensor market has been growing in recent years, the growth rate of over 15% in 2012 the four areas Sensor China for industrial control, automotive electronics, communications, electronics and consumer electronics, including industrial and automotive electronics products accounted for around 42% market share.

  According to the latest report by industry analyst firm nanomarket of 2014--2021 years, the smart meter infrastructure will account for the majority share of the smart grid sensor market in 2014, 17.8 billion US dollars (about 109.52 billion yuan), up to $ 22.7 billion in 2021 (about 139.67 billion yuan). However, since the smart meters in many leading markets reach saturation, this advantage will be weakened at the end of 2021. The forecast period, demand response sensors for the largest development of applications, from $ 1.7 billion in 2014 (about 10.46 billion yuan) in 2021 increased to 10.9 billion (about 67.07 billion yuan), becoming the smart grid sensor the second largest market.

  In recent years, with the rapid rise of information technology continues to advance, networking, smart city and other industries, the sensor industry has entered a rapid development stage. Sensor as the key device, the application will permeate every aspect of life in the future. Now, the sensors have become significantly representatives intelligent.

  Sensors used in smart grid

  Smart grid construction is inseparable from the sensor, the sensor is a key determinant of two key smart grid success.

  Angle sensors: Because smart grid is exposed, wind and rain, underground water, seismic, weathered, wind, etc., caused by tilting tower over a very deadly, it is easy to create high-accuracy tilt angle monitoring to ensure safety , but as the angle sensor d05 series, can accurately determine the angle deviation, high stability, output flexibility and achieve angle measurement and monitoring. At the same time they developed the company's own inclination module is also used in a variety of smart grid.


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