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      Lanig electric is focused on sensor/actuator wiring connector series of products of modern enterprise system, in the field of industrial automation connectors with senior ability, and have electrical, electronic, information technology, industrial automation control and other professional talents and modern management team.

      Sensor/actuator wiring system connector series of products mainly involves the military-industrial complex, railway, aviation, navigation, wind power, medical, food, tobacco, coal, textile, industrial control, packaging, printing, machinery, and other fields, is applied to automatic control technology, automobile assembly line, mechanical equipment, medical equipment, automated assembly line, communication, network equipment, sensors, magnetic induction transducer and the execution of the test equipment control connection, data transmission and low voltage accord with IEC61076, IEC60947-2-2-101, EN60529, IEC60512-4 standard.

      In pay attention to the quality of the products at the same time strengthen personalized selection of new products with customers, provide professional product selection scheme, meet the demand of the market for the product quality and function.

      "LANIG" brand has sold more than 30 national provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, as well as southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and in the country set up sales network and establish after-sales service system, successful cooperation zoomlion heavy branch, China institute of atomic energy, CSR, sichuan aerospace, dongfeng motor, and other countries large automated manufacturing enterprises and research institutes.

      LANIG tenet of "brand, Let us create the future" business philosophy, with professional attitude to win the market, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign customers with updates, better products.


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