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Food and beverage packaging production line in the food packaging industry and the application of the sensor will be the trend in food packaging machinery industry, the application of the sensor more occasions, in addition to the basic functions, the current application has a new sensor technology breakthrough.

Meanwhile, the market has become a battleground gap automation development. With food safety issues have become increasingly prominent, China's increasing emphasis on food safety, so the detection of the proposed fine food requirements. China's food machinery factory in the past neglect of food testing technology applications, compared with the overall performance increase, food testing technology will have more room for development. Sensing technology plays an important role in food inspection techniques, including the collection of food temperature, location.

The current IC detector and robotic packing machine has a wide range of applications in food processing plants in foreign countries, this technique can detect the time deterioration of food. Food Shelf detection configuration consists of a scanner and sensors, as long as the inspectors align the scanner emits a radio wave signals food, it will allow food to vibrate, and the formation of sheet music wave transmitted to the sensor.

By comparing standard database parameters, food spoilage can be detected within a short time of date and very accurate test results. Food packaging machinery in detection technology is no longer confined to the production line in the application, along with the importance of food in our country gradually improved detection, detection technology applications will be further expanded.

In machine vision products, color machine vision products have been applied in food inspection, mainly through the color of the food to determine their level of maturity and quality. In addition, the application of wireless sensor networks are universal and rapid, large-scale food processing plants overseas have the technology to collect food information, ensuring food safety system.

Wireless sensor network functionality through, consumers can better understand the whole process of food production and food processing, food storage and transportation of food, make food processing more intuitive, transparent, effective dispel consumer concerns about food safety issues .

Currently, food production increasingly high level of automation package, many have used the mechatronics control, in the process for detecting the use of sensor is essential, commonly used temperature sensors, proximity sensors. Applications of these sensors not only increase production of food, but also to guarantee the safety of food.


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